How To Make Screen Text Larger

Do the Following to Make Screen Text Larger.

The easiest way for you to change the text size on most Internet browsers is to simply press ‘Ctrl +‘ or ‘Ctrl –‘ to increase and decrease the text on a page.


If this does not work please try the option below.


These instructions are for Microsoft Internet Explorer browser software. Instructions may be similar for other Internet browser software (check the View Menu or your Help Menu to get instructions for your particular browser).

You can make screen text LARGER AND EASIER TO READ by doing the following.

  • Click on the View Menu in the Window that has the Web site in which you want to enlarge the text.
  • The text size change you make will only change the text size in that window.
  • Click on Text Size.
  • Then choose the Text Size you want. We recommend Medium, but for easier reading, choose LARGER or LARGEST.
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